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Dr. Thomas Trinh, M.D

Services but not limited to:

Infant, Pediatric, and Adolescent Care: Well-child care, immunizations, general sickness, bed wetting, Attention Deficits Hyper-activity Disorder, etc.

Men's Health: Physicals, prostate disease, hair-loss, sexual/erectile dysfuntion, low testosterone, etc.

Women's Health: Physicals, PAP smears, birth control, menopause, mammograms, etc.

Preventive Health Care: Physicals, skin cancer screening, tobacco cessation, bone density testing, etc.

Mental Health: Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, attention deficits, etc.

Disease Management: Hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, bowel disorders, thyroid disease, allergies, asthma, etc.

Minor Office Procedures: Skin lesion excision & dessication, ingrown nail extraction, abcess I & D, laceration repair, etc.

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